Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters furnish fast warm-up, precise heat, and long life in virtually any shape, size, and wattage.
Flexible Kapton heaters provide highly efficient heat transfer over a wide temperature range. The thin, lightweight, and flexible design provides superior surface conformance.. extending heater life by minimizing the thermal gradient between resistive element and heat sink. In addition, flexible heaters feature low outgassing, tear resistance, and dimensional stability.

Limitless Designs
Flexible heaters are available with integral RTD's, thermocouples, or thermistors for optimum response time and gradient control. Sensors can be laminated inside a heater, adhered to the heater surface, or installed at specific locations within the system to prevent overshoot and heat fluctuations.

Factory Bonding
Proper heat-to-part installation is critical to achieving a tight bond, superior performance, and high reliability. For optimum heater performance and cost effectiveness, we can factory mount a heater to your thermal subassembly. You can supply the heat sinks or have us fabricate them to your specification, giving you a guaranteed bond, superior reliability, and the benefit of our extensive experience in bonding techniques.

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Flexible Heater-3

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Flexible Heater-5

Flexible Heater-6

Flexible Heater-7

Flexible Heater-8

-Temperature range from -320 F to 450 F
-Power densities to 40W/sq. in.
-Thicknesses from .007"
-Weight less than 1 ounce/sq. ft.
-Superior chemical resistance
Available Materials:
-Silicone Rubber
-Etched Foil
-Wire Wound
-Film Adhesive
-Factory Lamination
-Process Control
-Food Processing

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