Metal Sheathed
Thruster Heaters

Ideal for severe or corrosive environments, metal sheathed high temperature heaters provide fast, radiant or conductive heat in a wide variety of configurations and watt densities

Metal sheathed, high temperature heaters provide uniform heat with excellent heat transfer and electrical insulation in high temperature and high vibration applications. Diameter tolerances to .0008" maximize surface contact and increase service life...available in S.A.E.and Metric sizes. Devices have been custom designed as glowplug heaters used to flash-off hydrogen build-up in industrial atmospheres and radial finned heater/sensor elements engineered to eliminate the need for a discreet sensor in the control loop. By judicious selection of conductor material, we are able to develop high voltage/low wattage and low voltage/high wattage devices without compromising heater performance.

Thruster heater/sensor assemblies for monopropellant hydrazine thrusters are developed with proven manufacturing techniques that yield extremely cost-effective designs.

Our proven manufacturing techniques yield extremely efficient and cost-effective designs that can be modified at minimal expense. These highly reliable assemblies feature low element watt density that significantly extends element life even during repeated temperature cycling. Hermetically sealed housings are available in heat resistant inconel or waspalloy and can be configured in a wide range of shapes to match thruster configuration. Platinum RTD's can be integrated for temperature control.

Metal Sheathed - 1

Metal Sheathed - 2

Metal Sheathed - 3

-Temperature range from -320F to 2000F
-Excellent sensor stability and repeatability
-High reliability
-Vibration and shock resistance
-Hermetically sealed
-Qualified configurations
-Standard and custom configurations
-Abrasion/corrosion resistive coatings
-Self regulating
-Connector or lead-wire terminations>
-Low voltage / high wattage
-High voltage / low wattage
-Process Control
-Food Processing
-Semiconductor vapor deposition
Available Materials:
-Stainless steel
-Refractory Alloys
-Film Adhesive
-Factory Lamination
We are experts in meeting complex requirements and geometric configurations

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