Temperature Sensors

Highly accurate and stable wire wound Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) furnish outstanding range, linearity, and accuracy.

Over 1,000 Qualified Sensor Configurations Available

Existing designs can bemodified to meet your specific requirement. Sensor selection and mounting recommendations are available to ensure optimum performance. Sensors are available with complete calibration and data processing in any temperature increment (calibration is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards). DIN and reference grade curves are available.

Wire round RTDs provide interchangeability and self-heating uniformity characteristics far superior to thin film devices. Precise wire tension control during winding, coupled with subsequent high temperature annealing, results in excellent repeatability and low hysteresis. Also, the resistance vs. temperature relationship is extremely accurate.

Exposed Elements and Surface Sensors

Thin and flexible Kapton surface sensors feature low thermal mass for accurate surface measurement without reference points or compensation circuits. Sensors can be mounted on flat or curved surfaces, or where other sensors are too large, or too rigid. For added convenience, Kapton surface sensors are available with factory applied pressure sensitive adhesive. Surface sensors can be mounted within devices such as multi-layer boards and encapsulated modules.

Thermocouples, available in any ISA conductor combination, feature fast response, point sensing, and high temperature capability in a small package. Easy to use thermocouples provide rugged temperature sensing over a wide operating range, minimize cost, and simplify recording instrumentation interface. Standard and custom accuracies are available with grounded and ungrounded junctions.

Thermistors can be configured as the sensing element in any of our envelopes to monitor the temperature of small areas with high base resistance and a very high signal strength.

Temperature Sensor - 1

Temperature Sensor - 2

Temperature Sensor - 3

-Temperature Averaging
-Surface Sensors
-Sheathed, Exposed, & Kapton Encapsulated
-Aspirated housing available for added protection and increased response time
-Temperature range from -425F to 3200 F
-Resolution to .01 F
-Response characteristics to 10 ms
-Thicknesses from .008"
-Resistance densities to 5,000 ohms - custom resistances available
-Nickel-Iron (Balco)
Thermocouple Calibrations:
-K - chromel / alumel
-E - chromel / constantan
-T - copper / constantan
-J - iron / constantan
-S - platinum / rhodium
-Process Control
-Food Processing
-Sensor / Heater Integration
Sensor installation can affect thermal system performance. Rapid sensor response minimizes temperature overshoot, allowing the heater to run cooler.
We can integrate temperature sensors into a flexible or rigid heater, or laminate thermistors or thermocouples inside heater bodies to improve control, speed response, and extend heater life.
If temperature averaging is desired, an extended length wire wound resistance thermometer may be incorporated. This porvides the advantage of averaging temperature over a large area rather than sensing at a single point.

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